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Description: Most people who visit Boracay just stay at the usual spots and do the usual things. But if you want an island vacation which is truly special, consider these alternatives.

Boracay : The Attractions Not Many People Know About

In order to really know and appreciate a place like Boracay, forget the pamphlets and other sources of info that people hand

boracay beach

Boracay Beach, Philippines

out and give away. Truthfully, we never really like to imagine a place through the eyes of other people. This is the reason others don’t go on the standard paths since we can discover for ourselves a Boracay which is unlike any other.
The island paradise that is Boracay has approximately 100,000 visitors plus per month reaching 1.2 million in 2011 and avaerageing about 120,000 per month in 2012, considering that this island is only 10.32 square kilometers in size and is only about 7 kilometers in length. Just think, one can literally walk from end of the island to the other within 2-3 hours. In the middle of Boracay Island at Dmall in the middle of Boracay Beach, one can walk for 10-15 minutes and reach the other side. There is a small island that can be climbed upon during the right time with trails through its jungle to the far end where there is a beautiful massive rock sticking out of the water making it an incredible picture for FaceBook.
Did you know there is a lake on Boracay? One can go on foot and find in the middle of Boracay the lake where a beautiful array of dead trees rise from its bed or rent a pole and go fishing.
Did you know there are Bat Caves that you can tour or a look out where you can see the whole island?

Boracay Sunset with Trails

Boracay Trails

Did you know there are 2 private beaches at the golf course where anyone can go with a church carved into a cave?
Did you know there is an island tour that takes you to an island next to Boracay that has underground caves and secret beach?

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Did you know there was a resort where you can take an elevator up 150 meters on a cliff and eat lunch? (Nami Boracay)

Did you know there is a secret raised up trail through the jungle forest hidden behind the Pearl of the Pacific Boracay Resort on the way to the church in the jungle?

From these quick details we might assume that it’s impossible to discover a private and intimate section of this island paradise. But that is a misconception since there are still portions of slice of heaven that have never been fully explored yet. When the gaudy rooms and noisy activities of the more crowded areas just really spoil the beauty of the island, then it’s time to look elsewhere and we will eventually find places where it’s restful and quite gorgeous.

First, are exclusive hill side accommodations known as Boracay’s best kept secrets. These are small houses or Casitas nicely perched on the hills just up from Bolabog Beach looking over the rest of the Panay island group. They’ve borrowed the Spanish word of Casitas which means ‘small houses,’ and here every Casita is a little house all to itself made from bamboo and other indigenous materials which are all organic.

Boracay Beach to Diniwid Beach

Cliff trail to Diniwid Beach

These intimate houses are designed to relax people – large wooden floors are the norm for lying on with huge and soft pillows to add cushioning; the native thatched roofing ensures a cool room where rain never penetrates, and there is a small terrace to give guests a complete view of the beach, the water and all the nearby islands around Boracay.

However, we shouldn’t think that such simple accommodations are not without luxuries since these also come with the needed modern conveniences like hot and cold showers, cable television service and wireless internet connections. Most sites state that only 2 of three Casitas are available for use and 1 Casita is always reserved for special guests. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead if you wish to see a different side of Boracay.

The island of Boracay is also perfect for people who wish to commune with nature. Apart from the unspoiled beaches and various underwater attractions and marine life, the island is home to unique and very beautiful plant and animal life. The interior of Boracay plays host to hundreds of native flowers, orchids, and types of vegetation seen nowhere else on the planet. The month of May is the blooming season for flowers in this island country called Philippines. It’s during this time that we can see the colorful array of various blooms all over the island – frangipani, hibiscus, and bougainvillea and many more.

nami boracay restaurant

Nami Cliff Restaurant - Diniwid Beach

So the next time you stay on the island, find a different way to experience Boracay as you discover the many different paths connecting the various villages together and experience the way its villagers live and enjoy the island.

Within the island paradise of Boracay are these little sitios or villages which have backyard farms for mangoes, papayas, jackfruits, and the native lemons or lime which is a staple of Asia. Should you wish for a local’s story of the local legends and background of this bone-shaped tropical island, speak to the friendly townsfolk and elders to hear their versions and sometimes differing stories of how Boracay was formed from the sea and how it progressed to become known worldwide. Getting firsthand information about Boracay’s socio-cultural history will make any visitor appreciate the charm of this slice of heaven that is Boracay even more.

TravelOnline suggest you just ask around and explore the island. There is a lot of cool things that can be found.

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