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Day Off GMA TV Isabel Oli


Boracay Resorts Area Guide

Boracay Resorts amount to 300 Plus Resort Facilities ranging from a 5 Star Resorts, small resorts, hotels and backpacker facilities on Boracay island which are mostly located on the King of the Beaches, “Boracay Beach” or known by the locals as “White Beach”. As a Boracay Resort Philippines Specialist, we have some gudelines to help you choose when determining the perfect accommodations for your boracay island vacation. TravelOnline is dedicated in helping all Philippines Travelers as an island travel guide with our local experience specializing in Boracay Island.  Cheak Out Boracay Packages for latest promo’s

boracay map, boracay resorts map, map of boracayBoracay Resorts Map Guide

Boracay Resorts Help Guide

Area 1, White Beach, Boat Station 1 – Exclusive Area, Best White Sand

Area 2, White Beach, Boat Station 2 – Nightlife Area, Many Restaurants

Area 3, White Beach, Boat Station 3 – Developing Area, Lower Rates

Area 4, Bulabog Beach Area – Sport Beach, Underdeveloped Area

Area 5, Off White Beach – Secluded Area, Private

Area 5, Diniwid Beach – Secluded Area, Private, Quiet, Cozy Beach

Boracay Area Description

Area 1, White Beach, Boat Station 1

white beach boat station 1, boracay beach, philippinesWhite Beach Boat Station 1

Section1 of White Beach, Boracay is located on the north western end of of the beach which is home to many beachfront resorts that are located right on the sand because the beach walk is nonexistent in this area. Starting in Boat Station 2 all the way to the end of Boat Station 3 runs a beach walk made of sand in front of all resorts. Since there is no beach walk at boat Station 1 Area, vacationers must walk on the beach causing it to be more private. Boat Station 1 has the whitest and powdery sand on the beach and as you walk down the beach the sand condition slightly changes as you pass through section 2 and 3. Boat Station 1 Area is considered by some as the most desirable area because it offers privacy, best sand, supreme resort position and holds such 5 Star Resorts as Fridays’ Boracay, Ambassador in Paradise, Waling Waling Boracay, Two Season Boracay Resort and More. This area is perfect if you want to get away from the crowds and just catch some rays while tossing down a few tropical beach drinks.

White Beach, Area 1, Boat Station 1

Area 2, White Beach, Boat Station 2

white beach boracay boat station 2Area 2, White Beach, Boat Station 2

This Area Section is centered in the middle of White Beach or better known as, Boracay Beach” around the travelling world. This is the Heart of Boracay where most of the restaurants, shopping, beach bars and entertainment is taking place. The Boracay Resorts along this section are Hotel Type and run from 1 Star to 5 Star each offering their own piece of Boracay Life. This Area is not for those who seek privacy or seclusion because this is where its happening on the beach. This area is highly recommended for first timers seeking the complete Boracay Experience. Feel FREE to ask our TravelOnline Boracay Experts any question that you would like to know about this area section. This is also the location of TravelOnline’s LIVE STREAMING beach camera running 24 Hours A Day at Red Coconut boracay Beach Front Resort via kalibo Cable and EarthCams Technology. See It – Boracay Beach Live

White Beach, Area 2, Boat Station 2

Area 3, White Beach, Boat Station 3

white beach boat station 3, boracay beach,philippinesWhite Beach, Boat Station 3

This Area 3, White Beach known as Boat Station 3 Area is underdeveloped but recently in the past few years Big Resorts have been built causing this area to take on a whole new look. This area in the past was considered the budget area and still to this day you can find cottage type accommodations. However, the days of the cottage Type are limited and soon to not exist due to aggressive building in this area. The night life has pick up in this area drastically, but Area 2 still reigns supreme with the best beach bars on the island. This is a great place to look if you are on a super tight budget, but still not sacrificing location.

White Beach, Area 3, Boat Station 3

Area 4, Bulabog Beach Area

bulabog beach boracay philippinesBulabog Beach, Boracay, Philippines

This Sub Boracay Beach called, Bulabog Beach or by others as, “Sport Beach” due to the extreme kite boarding, wind surfing, jet ski and more. Bulabog as been considered by many authorities as the best wind in the world for Kite Boarding. There are many experts on site willing to teach this sport at an extremely reasonable rate. Walking to Boracay D’Mall (Major Island Shopping Area) takes approximately 10 minutes and another 5 Minutes to White beach (Boracay Beach). Bulabog Beach is protected by a coral reef so walking in the water unprotect could be hazardous due to sea urchins and jelly fish. Wet suit is highly recommended! It is extremely underdeveloped compared to White beach, but if your a water sports fan and you want quiet than this is the area for you.

Bulabog Beach, Area 4

Area 5, Off White Beach

off white beach area 5, boracay, philippinesArea 5, Off White Beach

Area 5, Off White Beach is home to various accommodations from super luxurious to super cheap. Some Off White Beach Resorts offer a healthy retreat away from the bustle of the busy beach front offering many Spa treatments, private beaches, exclusive massages, luxurious accommodations and more. Area 5 holds Boracay Islands Only exclusive 18 Hole Golf Course called, “Fairways and BlueWaters”, which is know for its incredible design and breathtaking views. Other resorts in this Area include Shangri-La Boracay, Nami Boracay, Boracay West Cove and More. If it is your first time to Boracay, we at TravelOnline suggest that you stay on White Beach to receive the real experience of Boracay Island.

Off White Beach Resorts, Area 5

Area 5, Diniwid Beach

diniwid beach off white beach, boracay, philippinesDiniwid Beach, Boracay, Philippines

Diniwid Beach is located just around the cliffs at the end of Boat Station 1. at the end of the beach, there is a beautiful walkway carved into the cliffs making this rock path breathtaking in every aspect of the meaning of Boracay. Once around the cliff, you will come upon a 200-300 meter beach that is known as Diniwid Beach. Some locals like to refer to Diniwid Beach as Artista Beach which was set in motion by a local Diniwid Resort Owner who owns Artista Boracay Resort. This area holds such resorts as Nami Boracay which is perched up 150 feet high upon the cliffs, Artista Boracay Resort, Microtel Boracay, West Cove Boracay and More. If your looking for privacy, seclusion, peaceful atmosphere than this is a great hideaway for you.

Diniwid Beach, Area 5

357 Boracay Hotel ResortAcanthus Boracay Beach ResortAissatou Boracay Beach ResortAlice in Wonderland Boracay ResortAltavista de Boracay ResortAlyssa Boracay Beach ResortAmihan Peak Boracay ResortAmbassador in Paradise Boracay -Angol Point Boracay Beach ResortApoy Boracay Beach HouseA-Pub Boracay CottagesAquarius Marina Boracay

A-Rock Boracay Resort

Artista Boracay Beach Resort and Hotel

Arwana Boracay Beach Resort

Asya Boracay Resort

Asya Boracay Premier Suites

Austrian Boracay Pension House


B & B Boracay Beach Resort

Balahaira Beach Resort

Balinghai Boracay Beach Resort

Bamboo Boracay Resort

Bamboo Bungalows Boracay

Banana Saging Boracay Resort

Bans Boracay Beach Resort

Bayview Hills Boracay Resort

Benross Boracay Resort

Bintu Boracay Resort

Blue Bird Villa Boracay

Blue Coral Boracay Resort

Blue Lagoon Boracay Resort

Blue Lilly Boracay Resort

Blue Mango Boracay Resort

Blue Waves Boracay Resort

BMCA Apartments Boracay

Bora Bora Inn Boracay Resort

Bora Sky Hotel

Boracay Beach Chalets

Boracay Beach Club

Boracay Beach Comber

Boracay Beach Houses

Boracay Beach Resort

Boracay Breeze

Boracay Courtyard

Boracay Daves Diniwid Beach House

Boracay Gold Crowne Resort

Boracay Hideaway

Boracay Hills Resort

Boracay Holiday Resort

Boracay Ocean Club

Boracay Peninsula

Boracay Plaza Hotel Resort

Boracay Regency Resort

Boracay Regency Lagoon

Boracay Shores Beach Resort

Boracay Sunset Beach Resort

Boracay Terraces Resort

Boracay Tourist Inn

Boracay Tropics Resort

Boravista Beach Resort

Bougainvilla Resort Boracay

Bulabog Apartelle

Bura-Akay Nature Resort


Calypso Boracay Diving Resort

Casa Asia Boracay Hotel Resort

Casa Camilla Boracay Resort

Casa Fiesta Boracay

Casa Gabriel Boracay Beach House

Casa Mika’s Boracay Beach House

Casa Pacifica Boracay Beach Resort

Casa Pilar Boracay Hotel Resort

Cena’s Boracay Guest House

Cez Manor Boracay Resort

Chalet Tirol Boracay Beach Resort

Chalet Y Boracay House

Club Boracaygo Korean Diving Resort

Club Go Boracay

Club Manila East Boracay Resort

Club Panoly Boracay Resort

Club Ten Boracay Resort

Cocomangas Boracay Beach Resort

Coffee’s Boracay Beach House

Crystal Ocean Boracay Beach Resort

Crystal Sand Boracay Beach Resort

Culpepper Lodge Boracay Hotel Resort


D’ Golden Palace Boracay Beach Resort

Dalisay Paradise Nest Boracay

Dave’s Place Boracay Resort

Dave’s Straw Hat Inn Boracay Resort

De Paris Boracay Beach Resort

Discovery Shores Boracay

Du Berry Boracay Pension House


El Centro Boracay Beach Resort

Erikos Boracay Resort

Escondido Boracay Beach Resort

Estacio Uno Boracay


Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Resor

Faith Village Boracay Resort

Fat Jimmy’s Boracay Hotel Resort

Fiesta Cottages Boracay

Floremar Boracay Resort

Fordy’s Boradise Beach House

Forest Hills Boracay Beach ResortFreckles Resort BoracayFrendz Beach ResortFridays BoracayFriday’s Boracay Resort VillasGGracia’s Inn BoracayGrand Villa Boracay ResortGrand Vista BoracayGumamela BoracayHHangin Boracay Beach House

Hannah Boracay Hotel

Hey Jude Boracay Resort

Highland Springs Boracay Resort

Holiday Homes de Boracay

Homeland Apartelle Boracay

Hotel Isla Boracay

Hotel Seraph Boracay


IL Portico Boracay Beach House

Illicitos Boracay Beach Resort

Imperial Boracay

Isla Gecko Boracay Resort

Island Garden Boracay


Jejselends Boracay Beach Resort

Jemlee’s Sunny Isle Boracay Cottages

Jennifer’s Graden Boracay

Jerome’s Bungalow Boracay

JJRV Boracay Beach Resort

JMBS Boracay Cottages

Jony’s Boracay Beach Resort

Jung’s House Boracay


Kikko’s Beach Resort

King Fishers Farm Boracay

Kite Club Boracay Resort

Kubo Royale Boracay Resort


La Carmela de Boracay

La Fiesta Boracay Resort

La Isla Bonita Boracay Resort

La Luna Court Boracay Hotel

La Plage de Boracay Hotel

La Playa Beach Resort

La Reserve Boracay Resort

Laguna de Boracay Resort

Lazy Dog Boracay Resort

Las Brisas Beach Resort

Le Solei de Boracay Hotel

Lions Den Boracay Resort

lions Den Boracay Villa

Little Corner of Italy Boracay

LM Beach Resort

Lorenzo Grand Villa Boracay


Mabini’s Boracay Beach Cottages

Mabuhay Boracay Beach House

Madids Inn

Mandala Spa and Villas

Mandarin Boracay Hotel Resort

Mango Ray Boracay Beach Resort

Mansion Palm View Hills Boracay Resort

Maravilla Boracay Resort

Marcel’s Place Resort Boracay

Maricon Ville

Marzon Boracay Beach Resort

Maxima de Boracay Hotel Resort

Melinda’s Garden Boracay

Mel’s Mansion Boracay Resort

Merly’s Place Boracay Resort

MGB Boracay Cottages

Michelle’s Bungalow Boracay Resort

Microtel Inn and Suites Boracay Resort

Mika’s Place Boracay Hotel Resort

Mila’s Boracay Beach Resort

Milflores de Boracay Hotel

Mito’s Place Boracay

MN Guest House Boracay Resort

Mona Lisa Boracay Resort

Moreno’s Place Boracay Resort

Morimar Boracay Hotel

Morning Star Beach Resort

Mountain View Resort

MR Holiday’s Boracay Hotel Resort

Mulligan’s Boracay Golf Hotel


Nami Villas Boracay Beach Resort

Nigi Ngi Nu Noos Boracay Resort

Ngi Ngi Nu Noos Too Boracay Beach Resort

Nikko’s Beach Resort

Nirvana Viking Inn Boracay Resort

Noe’s Place Boracay Cottages


One Crescent Place Boracay

One MGM Boracay Resort

Orchids Boracay Resort

Orinda Boracay Beach Resort

Oro Boracay Beach Resort


Palm Breeze Boracay Villa

Paradise Bay Boracay Resort

Paradise Garden Boracay

Paradise Lodge Boracay

Party House Boracay Diving Resort

Patio Pacific Boracay Hotel Resort

Paulazalor’s Inn Boracay ResortPearl of the Pacific Boracay ResortPetty Boracay Beach ResortPinjalo Boracay Hotel Resort VillasPink House Boracay ResortPizza de Baffo Boracay ResortPulang Lupa BoracayPunta Rossa Boracay Beach ResortPunta Sol Boracay Beach ResortQQueens Boracay Beach ResortR

Rainbow Villa Boracay

Ralphs’s Boracay Beach House

Real Maris Boracay Beach Resort

Red Coconut Boracay

Regency Boracay Resort

Ritz Road Boracay Hotel

Rizzo Garden Boracay Resort

Robinsons Boracay Beach House

Roque’s Place Boracay

Royal Park Boracay Hotel

Roy’s Rendezvouz Boracay Resort and Bungalows


Saigon Boracay Resort

Salido’s Place Boracay Resort

Salita Boracay Beach House

Sandcastles Boracay Hotel Resort

Sanderswhite Annex

Sandra’s Place Boracay

Sea Side Boracay Cottages

Sea World Boracay Diving Resort

Seabird Boracay International Resort

Seagaia Boracay Diving Resort

Seawind Resort

Sento Boracay Resort

Serendipity Resort Boracay

Serge’s Palace Boracay Beach Resort

Servo de Boracay Hotel Resort

Serinas Boracay Beach House

Serinas Place Boracay Beach Resort

Shangri La Boracay Resort

Sheena’s Boracay Resort and Restaurant

Sheridan Villas Boracay

Sito Waling Boracay Resort

St. Vincent Boracay Cottages

Starfire Resort Boracay

Sun Village Central Boracay Hotel Resort

Sun Village South Boracay Hotel Resort

Sun Villa Hilltop Boracay

Sundance Boracay Resort

Sundown Boracay Beach Resort

Sunset – 1 Boracay Resort

Sunshine Place Boracay

SUR Boracay Beach Resort

Surfside Resort Boracay

Sweet Breeze

Swiss Inn Boracay Resort


Taj Guest House Boracay

Tan’s Boracay Guest House

Tawhay Boracay Villas

Tete-a-Tete Boracay Resort

The Strands Boracay Resort

The Tides Boracay Resort

Tin Tin’s Boracay Cottages

Tirol and Tirol Boracay Resort

Titay’s South Boracay Resort

Tonglen Boracay Resort

Treasure Island Boracay Cottages

Tropical Boracay Guesthouse

True Home Boracay Resort

Tubig Boracay Beach House

Turtle Inn Boracay Bar and Restaurant

Two Seasons Boracay Resort



Vanessa’s Boracay Cottages

Velis Inn Boracay Hotel

Victory Beach Resort

Villa Barracuda Boracay Beach House

Villa Camilla Boracay Resort

Villa Carmela Boracay Resort

Villa Criselda Boracay Resort

Villa De Oro Boracay Resort

Villa Donne Brin K Boracay Resort

Villa Kaloo Boracay Resort

Villa Lourdes Boracay Resort

Villa Mare Boracay Resort

Villa Paula Boracay Resort

Villa Rhazel Boracay Beach Resort

Villa Simprosa Boracay Resort

Villa Sunset Boracay Resort

Villa Wahoo Boracay Beach House

Virginia Villas Boracay Hotel Resort


Watercolors Boracay Diving Resort

White House Boracay Beach Resort

Willy’s Boracay

Windpia Resort Boracay



Yapak Boracay Diving Resort

Yasurgi Boracay Spa

Ysobelle Residence Inn Boracay Resort

Yunie’s Place Boracay Resort


Zuzuni Hotel